Our Services

At PR Engineering, we specialize in all forms of design, fabrication, repair and supply of parts for large equipment used in heavy industries (such as mining and aggregates.)

Within our facility in Oshawa, Ontario, we fulfill requests for all sizes of custom equipment used in steel, pulp & paper, and power generation industries. We also strongly believe in quality first, a strict set of standards and practices that make up our internal Quality System, carried out by our highly skilled personnel.

Fabrication & Welding

.PR Engineering has been a CWB Division 2 certified company since 1980, we have developed many Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures. Using FCAW, SMAW and GMAW processes we expertly manufacture any type of new steel or stainless steel fabrication. In addition to these steel fabrication processes, we are also qualified and equipped to handle custom fabrication and all types of repairs. Non-destructive testing is available upon request

Vertical Boring Mills

Vertical Boring Mills

This vertical boring mill is a Siemens CNC control, 17′ swing x 168” high 60 ton table capacity, equipped with (2) Rail heads, (1) side head, Z- axis with live milling and drilling attachment, 1 rail head with tracing and threading attachments and variable Speed table up to 42 RPM

A CNC vertical boring mill with an 80” swing and 60” vertical height

Our Summit vertical boring mill has an 80” swing, 60” high, 160rpm equipped with (2) swivel rail heads, (1) side head and digital readout.

Horizontal Boring Mills

This is a CNC floor type horizontal boring Mill with Heidenhain TNS 355 control, 5 1/8” spindle diameter, travels (x,y,z,w) 222”, 98.4”, 19”,34”, Heidenhain TNC 355 4-axis CNC control, equipped with 55” constant feed facing head, 22 ton rotary table and an ISA 50 universal head.

A CNC retrofit floor type horizontal Boring mill with Heidenhain TNC 426 CNC control, travels (x,y,z,w) 248”, 108”, 23”, 34”, 5” spindle, universal head, ball screws and servo motors with Siemens drives.

This is a CNC retrofit, floor type horizontal boring mill with Heidenhain TNC 407, 5 axis CNC control, travels (x,y,z,w) 276”, 144”, 19”, 39.4” spindle equipped with ball screws on all axis, ISA 50 vertical and universal heads, and new Siemens motor and drives.

Our CNC table type horizontal boring mill has Heidenhain TNC 355 4 axis CNC controls, travels (x,y,z,w) 100”, 90”, 96”, 34”, 5 1/8” spindle diameter, equipped with fully progammable 10 ton rotary table, universal head and readout.

This is a table type horizontal boring mill that travels (x,y,z) 55”, 44”, 49”, 34”, 5” spindle, 1000 RPM spindle, 25 HP motor, equipped with 10 ton rotary table and 3 axis Heidenhain digital readout.

Secondary Machining

PR Engineering Secondary Machining

To complement our vertical and horizontal mills, we are also equipped with a full complement of smaller machines to complete projects of all sizes.



A unique area where PR Engineering stands out is in babbitting. Our 50 plus years in business have allowed us to develop the experience and capability to babbitt all new or used bearings ranging in size from 4” x 108” using any type of babbitt that our customer requires.

We pour in excess of 200,000 lbs of babbitt each year, which allows us to offer fast and reliable service for all of your babbitting needs. All bearings poured at PR Engineering are finished, machined and grooved to exacting standards. Ultrasonic testing of bearings is also available upon request.